Turkish Baths

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Introduction to Turkish Baths

Embracing the essence of indulgence and well-being, Turkish baths have transcended into contemporary luxury, redefining the concept of relaxation. APW Pools, a prominent retailer in the UAE, specializes in bringing this elevated Turkish bath experience to discerning clients.

Role of Turkish Baths in Various Health Benefits

Turkish baths offer much more than just aesthetic charm; they provide a holistic approach to health and well-being. The combination of water, steam, and massage therapy contributes to a rejuvenating experience. The steam opens up pores, expelling toxins and invigorating the skin. The alternation between hot and cold environments enhances blood circulation, promoting cardiovascular health. The serene ambiance, coupled with expert massage techniques, induces mental relaxation. Turkish baths are, at their core, not just a luxury but a sanctuary for complete well-being.

Turkish Bath Products

Delve into the world of Turkish hammam & bath products created to enhance the overall experience:

Luxurious Soaps: APW Pools offers premium olive oil soaps that cleanse and moisturize, leaving the skin supple.

Exfoliating Mitts (Kese): Crafted from rough fabric or silk, these mitts stimulate blood circulation and effectively remove dead skin, enhancing skin texture.

Rhassoul Clay: Mineral-rich clay incorporated into face and body masks during Turkish bath sessions to promote skin detoxification and radiance.

Essential Oils: Elevate the sensory experience with essential oils like lavender and chamomile, enhancing relaxation through aromatherapy during Turkish bath sessions.

Turkish bath Installation Process

Having a Turkish bath installed involves a systematic approach:

Planning and Design: Strategize the size, shape, and aesthetic elements of the Turkish bath.

Material Selection: Choose premium materials such as fancy marble and heat-resistant ceramics for an ideal bathing environment.

Steam System Installation: Customize the steam system to the Turkish bath’s size for optimal performance.

Plumbing and Water Supplies: Install faucets, showerheads, and bath bowls to ensure a complete and functional setup.

Lighting System: Ensure adequate lighting for a well-lit and inviting ambiance, crucial for ultimate relaxation within the Turkish bath.

Modern Turkish Bath Facilities

In adapting to contemporary preferences, Turkish baths have evolved while retaining their authenticity. APW Pools is at the forefront, offering modern facilities that seamlessly blend traditional charm with the conveniences of today. These facilities cater to a diverse clientele seeking a harmonious blend of luxury and functionality.
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APW Pools distinguishes itself by providing a luxurious Turkish bath experience that seamlessly combines modern luxury with traditional elements.

Turkish baths promote skin rejuvenation, detoxification, improved blood circulation, and mental relaxation through a holistic approach involving water, steam, and massage therapy.

Absolutely; APW Pools offers a range of customization options, allowing clients to tailor their Turkish bath experience according to their preferences.

Yes, APW Pools sources and provides authentic, high-quality Turkish bath products, ensuring a genuine and indulgent experience.


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