Our Services

We are dedicated to delivering a comprehensive supply and installation services of including Gym Equipments, Infrared Cabin, Sauna cabin, Steam Room, Turkish hammam, Turkish Bath, Ice Fountain, Experience Shower, Snow Room, Jacuzzi, Cold Plunge pools, acrylic swimming pools, sports courts and spas & wellness products, that cater to the diverse needs of our valued clients. With a solid commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, our services encompass: 

Gym Equipment

Elevate fitness with our premium gym gear, offering strength and wellness solutions for a healthier lifestyle.

Infrared Cabin

Experience soothing warmth and detoxification in our advanced infrared cabins.

Sauna Cabin

Rejuvenate and detoxify in the embrace of our luxurious sauna cabins.

Steam Room

Relax and detoxify in our invigorating steam rooms, a sanctuary of tranquility.

Turkish Hammam

Immerse in the centuries-old tradition of Ham'mam, revitalizing body and mind.

Turkish Bath

Luxuriate in opulence with Turkish baths, epitomes of relaxation and cleansing.

Ice Fountain

Invigorate your senses with the refreshing chill of our ice fountains.

Experience Shower

Indulge in multi-sensory experiences with our revitalizing showers.

Snow Room

Embark on a journey to invigoration in our enchanting snow rooms, a frosty wonderland.


Soothe body and mind in our luxurious Jacuzzis, your oasis of relaxation.

Plunge Pools/Cold Pools

Rejuvenate in our refreshing and cold plunge pools, perfect for recovery.

Acrylic Swimming Pools

Dive into style and functionality with our stunning acrylic swimming pools.

Sports Courts

Create athletic havens with our customizable courts for various sports.

Football Courts

Enjoy the beautiful game on our well-designed, safe football fields.

Tennis Courts

Elevate your tennis game with our premium courts, designed for precision and performance.

Paddle Courts

Experience fast-paced fun on our paddle courts, suitable for enthusiasts of all levels.

Squash Courts

Thrill in squash in our professionally designed courts, perfect for competition and leisure.

Basketball Courts

Shoot hoops and enjoy the game on our top-notch basketball courts.

Badminton Courts

Perfect your shuttlecock skills on our high-quality badminton courts.

Cricket Courts

Play the gentleman's game on our carefully crafted cricket fields for an authentic sporting experience.


Why Choose Apw-Pools

Choose APW Pools for an unparalleled luxury pool experience. Our commitment to excellence is echoed in client testimonials across the UAE. With top-tier solutions and a comprehensive range, we stand as the foremost choice for those seeking exceptional products and services in the realm of luxury pool experiences.