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Introduction to Our Snow Room

Snow Rooms are sensational, magnificent spaces with chilled temperatures all year round! They are created with blocks of ice and fresh-made snow every day and enveloped with -2°C to -15°C temperature to keep the snowy environment in perfect condition. Snow rooms are an incredible innovation to meditate, relax, and boost energy after the trauma that stocks in our exhausted, derailed bodies. 

Since snow is made up of ice crystals and blankets the surroundings with miniature pores between each crystal, it creates an effect of sound absorption, therefore maintaining a calm and peaceful environment. Snow rooms, spa snow caves, and snow cabins are all kinds of spaces enveloping the tranquility, positive energy, and soothing effect of snow. Our snow rooms can be delightfully pleasurable for clients who wish to release tensions and accumulated agitation.

Benefits of Our Snow Room

The chilled pleasure of our snow rooms serves plenty of health benefits, some of which can be as follows:

  • Improvement in blood circulation.
  • Release accumulated muscle tensions.
  • Reduce irritable inflammation
  • Soothe soreness of the body, muscles, and skin
  • Boosts body immunity and metabolism
  • Intensifies weight management by burning fat
  • Settles deep peace and relaxation within the body. 
  • Shrinks/ tightens pores, lessens wrinkles, leaves skin fresh and facial muscles rested.
  • Removes numbness, swelling, and excessive stresses 
  • Relieves body aches and improves wound healing

Snow Room for Health and Wellness

Just 2 to 15 minutes, depending upon our client’s temperature tolerance, is more than enough to seep wonderful benefits within the body! Superheated saunas and infrared cabins can open the ability to perspire, burn calories, and relax pores, but gradually cooling the body down after hot activities are also necessary, and that is where our snow rooms come into action! They serve a smooth and gradual transition compared to shock buckets and pools to cool the body off and end the spa session with a gentle touch of snowflake chillness.

Our Snow Room Products

Our frosty wonderland comes with naked trees topped with fresh snow, shelves, walls, and certain props and fragrances to give life to the meditation room or space. Clients look for seats, benches, and suitable sitting areas with an artificial waterfall or frozen stream that adds more concept to the room. Our snow-producing machines support newly processed snow so clients can enjoy a complete session without any prop fake or poorly designed. Our snow room products are well-developed, quality-tested, and exquisitely modified based on trendsetter templates and real-life impressions of snowy forest land.

Our Snow Room Installation Process

Snow rooms are put together with high-quality cooling plants, pumps, and fans to exhaust the room from heat and induce a chilled temperature that can support snow. The snow-producing devices and thermal protection further seal the frosty ice flakes and crisp cool air within the chamber of the snow or steam room. All devices are based on an automatic machinery system that maintains and balances every flake in the room as per requirement.

We are the reliable contractor of snow room in UAE, for any assistance feel free to contact us on our email: or phone number +971 50 852 1161.

Common FAQ's About Snow Room

The most important thing to look after in a Snow Room is to check whether or not everything is functioning perfectly the way it is supposed to. Upon noticing any leakages or malfunctioning within the equipment, contact the manufacturer for immediate assistance.

Yes. Several people who have experienced Snow Rooms have recalled their experience to be highly therapeutic and comforting. It is often considered to be a form of cryotherapy, which involves the exposure of an individual to severely cold atmospheric conditions.

If you are suffering from a particular skin condition, you must consult your medical practitioner before exposing yourself to the Snow Room. Plus, all individuals must avoid using the Snow Room for an unusually long time period, as it might lead to other issues, such as frostbite.

It is a common misconception that Snow Rooms consume a lot of water that goes wasted simply for the sake of enjoying. However, Snow Rooms are especially built using energy-saving technology and equipment that does not allow them to waste any natural resources.

Snow Rooms can easily be enjoyed in your everyday, casual wear outfits. However, if you wish, you can carry a jacket along with you.


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